In the Sunday session of the Iranian parliament (Majlis), the legislators discussed a report by the Iranian Parliament Commission on Economy concerning a bill to set up the Dogharoon Special Economic Zone. The bill along with its notes was voted by 160 in favor, 18 against and 10 abstentions.

According to the bill, the Iranian government is allowed to set up the Dogharoon Special Economic Zone in Razavi Khorasan province outside populated areas as mentioned in the attached map and explanatory report.

The Dogharoon Special Economic Zone is going to be managed in accordance with the notes mentioned in the law and on the basis of the law to regulate the management of free trade zones in Iran, which was approved on August 29, 1993. Furthermore, any change in the ratified articles of the law should be proposed by the cabinet and approved by the Iranian parliament.

Also in the session, the outline of a bill to establish the Mazandaran free trade-industrial zone was approved.

The outline of a bill to set up the Sarakhs free trade-industrial zone was also approved in today’s session.


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