Kish Island


Port of Kish Island 265N 54E
Number of Length Draft Maximum
Type of berth Berth Meter Meter DWT
Tanker 1 250 5 5,000
West Berth 1 400 4.5 3,500
Container 1 220 7 15,000
East Berth 1 300 7 15,000
Tanker ü
Liquid -
Gas ü
RoRo ü
Multipurpose: ü
Breakbulk ü
Container ü
DryBulk ü
Passenger ü
Crew Change: ü
Visa: ü
Road Transport: ü
Personell Transport: ü
Floating Crane: -
Tug: ü
Supply Boat: ü
Warehouse Storage: ü
Fresh Water: ü
Medical Treatment: ü
Travel Agency ü
Air Freight Clearance: ü
Sea Freight Clearance: ü
Survey: ü
Underwater Cleaning: ü
Provisions: ü
Drydock: ü
Dirty Ballast Reception: -
Bunkers: ü

Kish island

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Kish (Persian: کیشAbout this sound listen ) is a 91.5-square-kilometre (35.3 sq mi) resort island in the Persian Gulf. It is part of the Hormozgān Province of Iran. Due to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer’s paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and resort hotels.[1] It has an estimated population of 20,000 residents and about 1 million people visit the island annually.[2][3] Kish Island was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The New York Times in 2010, and is the fourth most visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia after Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Sharm el-Sheikh.[4][clarification needed]

Kish,  Gem of the Persian Gulf

Kish Island has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region among tens of large and small islands. This island is so beautiful and attractive that it has become known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf since ancient times.

Its calm coasts are covered with coral sands that shine in the sunlight, creating a unique and fascinating sight.

 The clear coastal waters allow one to view several meters deep into the sea and watch the beautiful movement of the fish. Diverse plants and native trees, as well as a pleasant climate seven months a year are among the outstanding characteristics of the island.

The island has attracted many tourists, travelers and writers throughout history due to these very characteristics. Among those who have written in praise of this island are Niarkhous, the Greek navy commander who traveled to Kish in 225 B.C., and wrote about its beautiful palm fields, Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta and Hamdullah Mostofi, as well as Ms. Fatemeh Al Ali the contemporary Kuwaiti writer who traveled to Kish in February 2002 and compared the island to a “gem on a king’s crown”.


Kish is lies between the 53 degrees and 53 minutes ,to 54 degrees and 4 minutes of the eastern longitude of the Greenwich Meridian, and 26 degrees and 29 minutes, and 26 degrees and 35 minutes of the northern latitude.

With an area of 90 square kilometers, the island is located only 18 km off the southern coast of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This beautiful oval-shaped island is 15 km long and seven km wide.

The map below shows the distance between Kish and a number of islands, ports, cities and the nearest country:

The distance from Kish to Tehran is 1052 km by air and 1600 km by land. Kish is at a distance of 1200 km from Isfahan, Iran’s historic and tourist destination city which attracts  thousands of international visitors each year.