Kharg island

Kharg island

Geographical position  : ; LAT- LONG 29º 12′ and 29º 16′ N        50º I7′ to 50º 20′ E


Kharg island

Vessels approaching Kharg from the south, should keep at least four km. to the east of
the Island. Vessels approaching Kharg from the north should keep to the west of the
island, (outside the restricted area) as Khargu Island to the north, is very low lying and
difficult to see at night until dangerously dose to.
The Oil Company’s SIX BERTH “TEE” Oil Loading Jetty is located on the central east
coast of the Island, and the SEA ISLAND three berth loading Facility is located close to
the west coast of the island.


Khemco Terminal: Operated by the Kharg Petrochemical Commercial Company,

A combined LPG & Sulphur loading berth exists on the south east corner of kharg Island. Single berth (LOA: 1180 & Beam: No limitation) with depth alongside 12 m consisting of one main and eight mooring dolphins can accommodate vessels of about 40000 tons dwt for loading of Crushed Sulphur and LPG.

Official Draft: PIER 36’

Tanker           ü          
Liquid           -    
Gas           -    
RoRo           -    
Multipurpose:           -    
Breakbulk           -    
Container           -    
DryBulk           ü          
Passenger           -    
Crew Change:           -    
Visa:           -    
Road Transport:           -    
Personell Transport:         ü          
Floating Crane:           -    
Tug:           ü          
Supply Boat:           ü          
Warehouse Storage:         ü          
Fresh Water:           -    
Medical Treatment:           ü          
Travel Agency           -    
Air Freight Clearance: